Originally from Chicago, this ball of energy powerhouse bounced her way around the country making her debut performing at prestigious theatres and training clients from Florida to Alaska. That tiny, unique voice landed her in LA with her dream job, voicing Strawberry Shortcake, among other voice and film bookings! However, her heart, soul, and a boyfriend were calling her back to Colorado. Within six days upon arriving, she unexpectedly lost the boyfriend and got offered a job to tour the world as the personal trainer for a high profile royal family, but she couldn’t leave the loves of her life; her pup, acting, and Colorado.  Seeing as some “big transitions” happened during her journey, she fell head over heels in love with...self love...self work, self fulfillment, and the Law of Attraction.

Today, Jacqui has started her own professional passion project production company creating powerful messages laced with humor with their first project regarding the do’s and don’t’s of dating in today’s world, is now represented by Wilhelmina Denver for acting and modeling, Go Voices, Premiere Talent, and JPervis Talent for voice over, owns her own company as a dedicated break up coach and life coach, and to top the rich chocolate ice cream off with rainbow sprinkles, because why not?...she is a licensed realtor - and rocks at those bidding wars!

She is making all of her dreams come true and she looks forward to helping you do the same!  Whether it be a playing an essential character in your production project, getting a new bod and healthy lifestyle, a dream home, a few minutes of laughter, or a fresh start - she’s got you!